Introducing JuJube

Hello everyone.  I would like you all to welcome JuJube to the blog. She will be a regular contributor.  Her posts will appear every Wednesday.

JuJuBe (Joanna) is a radical progressive blogger living on Long Island. Her primary goal in life is to bring about revolutionary social change by encouraging the dismantling of the global system of white supremacy. A particular passion is the reform of the racist and corrupt criminal (in)justice and prison systems. She also participates in the fight for equality on other fronts, particularly in the areas of size discrimination and the stigmatization of mental health patients.

Reading is Joanna’s first love, and writing comes in a close second. She blogs at My Name is JuJuBe and at The Intersection of Madness and Reality. You can contact Joanna at [email protected]

Please welcome her to the blog.  I also ask that you treat her with the same respect that you do myself and the other contributors.

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