In the words of Liss, OMG Shoez!!!

Okay, so I saw these shoes, and I went squee, MUST HAVE, MUST HAVE, MUST HAVE NOW.

I don’t see how anyone who is a fan of The Hunger Games, could see these shoes and not have a fit.  When I read that the seller did not ship to Canada, you better believe that I sent a long whiny email filled with much begging and need.  I finally heard today, that he will (I crack that up to my high quality pleading BTW) ship a pair of these awesome shoes.  I will have to wait until May, because he is booked right up, but then, yes then, the precious shall be mine. PRECIOUSSSSSS must have the precious.
Since we are going lighthearted today, what brings your inner fan to a melting puddle of squeee?
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