In The Interest Of Disclosure Listen Up RadFems

Just to make sure that everyone hears the truth of what occurred, I am once again going to address the issue of my submission to a radfem carnival that occurred a few months ago.   Yes, in the past I have submitted articles to the carnival.   I keep all of the receipts of all the posts I submit to carnivals, yet somehow strangely enough, I could not find a receipt for this particular carnival.  I do however find it telling that this post, which was clearly not transhphobic in nature was placed in their traditional trans hate section. Since I knew that I had previously submitted to the radfem carnival, I did not accuse them of outright sabotage.  Even they however, have been unable to provide evidence of my submission despite publicly displaying my private e-mail address for the world to see.  My point is that even if I did submit this post (a point which I do not concede) I would never have authorized its usage in this way.

Let me be clear, those of you who claim a radfem identity and then advocate transphobia to perpetuate your cisgender privilege make me positively ill.  Yes, I called you a bunch of bitches and no I will not now or ever apologize.  If you want an apology from me, you can crawl on your hands and knees and personally apologize to each and every single trans person whose life you have made more difficult by the perpetuation of your hatred.  You can admit that the dehumanization of another is wrong and then you can commit acts of contrition and mitigation, though you can never possibly makeup for the damage that you have done.

You can continue  making your cyber voodoo dolls, burn me in effigy, or whatever little rabble rousing nonsense you choose to carry one with but my position will not change.  The audacity you display by thinking that you can bully me into an apology is ridiculous.  Some of you may be used to black women playing mammy but I am one woman that lays down to no one furthermore, you can all kiss my bumptious black ass.

Just in case Valerie decides not to publish the comment I left on her blog regarding the latest attempt to bully me into submission here it is:

Nice of you to publish a one sided version of events. What I said is that I have no memory of submitting the post in question and therefore did not accuse the carnival of posting my piece without permission. I asked for the link to be removed from the carnival because if I did submit it , it would never have been my intention for my work to be used in the way it was. In fact I was completely polite during the exchange with Heart until she annoyed me with multiple questions on this issue.

I further resent you implying that my work is done to achieve political points. I write about the issues that I do because I am passionate about them period. Though I advocate for trans rights they only amount to 5% of write about and in fact my blog covers multiple subjects. I spend my time raising awareness which is more than you hate preachers could ever claim.

In terms of calling radfems bitches yes, I stand by that. Anyone that decides that it is okay to perpetuate hatred against another to maintain undeserved privilege in my mind is at the very least a bitch. You can bully me and write all the negative blog posts that you would like on this issue but you will not be receiving an apology until you crawl on your hands and knees and apologize to every single trans and cis woman that you have offended by regularly and repeatedly calling for their elimination. The transphobic screed that happens on radfem blogs is hate speech. You can be all high and mighty about the word bitch but cannot acknowledge how disgusting what you advocate really is. Too damn bad. In fact I hope it stings.

I will not be addressing this issue again.   Don’t send me another e-mail and don’t bother leaving your screed in the comment section as it will lead to an immediate ban without explanation.  I don’t play nice with haters.  I don’t believe in giving you any leeway to believe that what you have to say is the least bit acceptable. 

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