In Defence Of Womens Studies

So I popped in to see what king of the asshats Glen Sacks was up to. (Once again, I do not link to misogynists) What did I find but more deception and lies.


The example here is a middle-aged woman’s book club but college men endure this all the time as Women’s Studies promotes anti-male exaggerations and falsehoods. Chrsitian Hoff Sommers accurately describes some of these not as “Hate Speech but as “Hate Statistics.”

He would know this because he has taken courses of Womens Studies right?  This piece of work does not even have the slightest idea of how feminism works and he expects people to believe that he has taken a Womens Studies course. This is just one more example of the ways in which the MRA movement is more than willing to stand on its head to promote blatant falsehoods.  I am surprised he didn’t tag this post feeding the trolls, because clearly that was what this little entry is about.

Unless something is focused completely on men, the MRA movement will immediately declare it misandry.  Imagine the nerve of those uppity WISE profs having the nerve to tell young women that they matter.  It certainly cannot qualify as true education if it isn’t revolving around a poor marginalized dick.

Don’t you just love the hyperbole of his usage of the term hate speech.  Right, hate speech to speak openly and honestly about issues that effect women.  Unless we are docile and bathing the royal penis we are being hateful.  Talk about extreme privilege denial. 

Glenn you don’t know a thing about Womens Studies.  I would bet money that you could not list the organizing principles, outcomes, critiques and goals of 4 feminist theories without hitting wikipedia.  You are more interested in perpetuating the idea that agency in women is something to be rejected to promote your unearned gender privileges. 

I have read the commentary on your blog, and those idiots that worship you cannot tell the difference between a third wave feminist and a radical feminist. Let me tell you about womens studies: it promotes critical thinking, and is an inter disciplinary form of study.  To be successful in this field you need to have a working knowledge of history, economics, sociology, biology, and political science.  To be an MRA all you need to do is know how to worship a dick.

MRA do not employ intersectionality and continually use the monolithic man to represent all of masculinity.  They routinely deny privilege in all circumstances. They skew statistics and lie at every opportunity.

Here is something I find most interesting.  The big rally cry is fathers rights.  On and on your group blathers about how fathers are being unfairly treated by the courts. Ummm who wrote the laws?  Who are the majority of the judges? Gotta an issue, take it up with your fellow males.

Ummm last point, even though I could argue against your nonsense all day, if you claim to love your children so much, why is it that you routinely run down women?  Some of you must be fathers to girls.  Has it not occurred to you asshats that by making your misogyny so public you are teaching the daughters you claim to love so much that they are worthless?  You know one day they will grow up to be women and they will learn what daddy dearest thinks of the evil wimmins who dare to have a mind of their own.  You would think as concerned daddies it would behove you to support something that teaches your daughters that they are valuable people….ooops silly me I forgot that for MRA it is about the dick.

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