Imagine If You Said That About Blacks

I have gone on about the its just like Rosa Parks argument that is used by some members of the gay community to discuss the rabid homophobia in society, but I feel that I must point out that this is not a phenomenon that is unique to them.  The referential black is quite often used and it is insulting

Let’s say for example that someone says something that is clearly abelist, or sexist, it is not okay to respond with that is offensive, imagine if you said something like that about blacks.  This is a common response often used by liberals to point out an offence and it is racist.  You cannot use one ism to counteract another.

The black referential has got to stop.  Here is just one example of what I am talking about.

That is not the question at issue here. The question here is why people such as b.g. feel perfectly free to refer sneeringly to young human beings as “feral . . . apes” in a public space (this blog) when presumably, they would not feel free to make a similar remark about a black person. Or if they did, they would be held accountable.

As you can clearly see this comes from the idea that we have reached a post racial world wherein racist behaviour is no longer tolerable in a public space.  Obviously only the audacity of whiteness could make such a claim.  How many times do blacks have to have code words thrown at us only to have it ignored ,or told that we are too sensitive, or disciplined and called angry?

Spend a day listening to the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, or O’Reilly and tell me again that racism is not publicly unacceptable.  These men get paid to engage in racism.  They have millions of followers.  Where is the overwhelming dissent that comes with the referential black meme?

It never ceases to amaze me, liberal or not the ways in which whiteness continues to find the ability to use racial difference to its advantage. Of course because they are coming from a supposed liberal position it cannot possibly be racist right —WRONG. 

The referential black serves as a an erasure of the systemic inequality that is still in existence while allowing the white speaker to portray a form of progressiveness that is false.  It is further a form of leveraging between the isms. It screams look at meeee I’m so downtrodden that I’m lower than the blacks. It reasserts a hierarchy of being wherein if you are supposedly being treated worse than a black person you are oppressed.

The imagine “if the blacks were being spoken about like this” also presupposes that there are no black members in the group in question.  There is no standard black identity which means that within any group that is currently undergoing marginalization it quite possible in fact highly likely that there are black members.

So I have a new one, Imagine if blacks were treated as though we are equal human beings.  Imagine if our presence in any minority group was not only acknowledged but respected. Imagine if for one moment in time people would think consciously about the ways in which they “other” people under the guise of pushing a liberal agenda. I won’t hold my breathe though, I have children to live for and I am confident that such a change is a long time in coming.

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