If You Are Black And Gay You Better Not Give The Finger

Let’s be honest the police have historically not been friends to either blacks, or LGBT people. If you happen to be a member of both groups, you possess even more reasons to have issue with law enforcement.  While sitting on a public bus, a young woman gave the finger to an officer who proceeded to pull the bus over and assault her while he was taking her into custody. How is it possible that an act of civil disobedience like flipping the finger, earns an individual the penalty of having their face smashed into concrete, and their nose bloodied? 

Daily the police assault POC, and the LGBT community. They attack because we are vulnerable, and society has invested them with power.  How many have needlessly lost their lives due to police brutality only have to have that same officer either transferred to a different unit, or placed temporarily on desk duty? How many times must they be caught on tape savaging our communities before we can get some justice? If the people who are supposed to be upholding the law, daily violate the law, then we have no law.  What we have is a masquerade of justice wherein certain bodies matter, and others are only considered to the extent that can be exploited, and marginalized. Whether it is driving while black, transcending traditional gender roles, or daring to love freely, the police are engaged in maintaining hierarchies in our society that relegate many to a second class citizenship status.  They do no exist to protect the average citizen, they exist to protect the  possessions, rights, and freedoms of the ruling elite.  Take a moment and remember their violent repression in Seattle.  Who are they really sworn to protect?

After 911 the image of law enforcement was reborn, cleansed by a day of heroics. Despite those officers who gave their lives, the reality of the corruption behind the blue wall is an ever present danger to POC and LGBT people.  We cannot forget that when they see us, they see a criminal. We must remember that when they interact with us, they see disposable bodies. A gun and a badge do not give you the right to terrorize innocent citizenry. Our bodies matter, and they always have.

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