The I-Pad Oh My Periods

It certainly didn’t take 28 days for Apple’s new I-Pad to cause a stir.

Certainly the creators of the I-Pad were not thinking about what their product would be associated with when they came up with the name.

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Yep, pad, pad, pad, pad….Look, we could try and look at this as simple menstrual humour.   Menstruation is usually an extremely taboo subject and therefore the comedy could be construed as normalizing periods, however; I am not quite sure that this something that we should embrace.

imageMoving from we can’t talk about periods because they are dirty to tee hee is not really any form of progress.   Having a period should be considered no different than blowing your nose, urinating, or any other body function…it should simply be unremarkable because it is part of the human existence.  It’s all tee hee and periods because we are not supposed to be talking about pads and periods.    Tee hee we are talking about womens bodies.  In the end it’s simply reductive because it’s still tee hee women are nasty and what was Apple thinking.

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