I'm Not Racist, I have Black Friends

I cannot believe that there is one sentient being in existence who could reasonably question the fact that burning a cross on the lawn of a POC is a hate crime.  I came across the story at the black lunatic and I simply had to write a post about it..

According to The Morning News, “A rental home where a mother with three biracial sons lived burned to the ground only days after she says people set a wooden cross ablaze in her yard.”

“Deputies arrested Jacob Wingo, 19, on charges of terroristic threatening and aggravated assault over the cross burning. Jailers said Wingo posted bond shortly after his arrest Thursday.”

Yvette Briggs, Wingo’s mother, said he turned himself in to authorities earlier and “told the truth.”
“It was all a joke,” Briggs told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “He’s got mixed friends. He’s got black friends – he does not hate people. If he knew it was considered a hate crime, he would never have done anything like that.”

So let me get this straight, your son should be rewarded for telling the truth, and he really doesn’t hate blacks, because he supposedly has a black friend. You would think that maybe, just possibly, one or two of those black friends that you claim he socializes with, would have told him that it might not be a good idea to burn a cross as a sign of love, respect or camaraderie.  When most people want to be friendly to new people in the neighbourhood, they stop by with a cake, or a pie even.
Call me crazy but  burning a cross just doesn’t seem to say welcome to the neighbourhood.  Perhaps all of the images popularized in the media of men in white sheets burning crosses just looked like some kind of weird celebration of Halloween. Maybe he believed that when they were screaming, “white power” as the crosses burned they were making a statement about how wonderful bleach is at keeping whites, white and not actually pushing a racial agenda. Come on, not even the fictional Forest Gump is that dumb.

How much longer do white people believe they can use the I have a “black friend” card to cover their clearly racist behaviour? I would like to know the name of the black kid that goes around befriending racists so that I can smack him.  Really though, I think I have finally figured out the mystery of the black friend…he/she is imaginary aren’t they? …Yep, your “pretend buddy” that you can whip out every time the word racist is thrown your way.  Here is a little tip, next time you go to pull the “black friend” out of your defence arsenal, please be aware that this excuse has worn thin, and we (anti-racists) are on to your sorry, lying asses.

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