I Have Breasts

Recently I got into a cab with my partner and two kids, Mayhem and Destruction.  I was entering the front passengers side of the cab, when I noticed that the driver could not keep his eyes off of my breasts.  The whole five minute drive to our destination he continually glanced over at my breasts.  Now I will admit that I have a great set, however staring at me for over five minutes like some kind of drooling horny toad, in the presence of my children was beyond demeaning.  The only reason I did not explicitly  tell him about himself, was because  I did not want my children to hear what I was thinking.

I can already hear you apologists telling me  how natural it is for a man to look at a woman, or that I was probably wearing something revealing to draw his attention.  Perhaps you believe that I should walk around dressed like one of those FLDS cult women in lavender from head to toe, with a ridiculous two foot bun.  The issue however is not me, the issue are these disgusting predatory men in this society, who think that they have a right to treat women like we are here exclusively for their satisfaction.  The issue is that he felt that he had the right to reduce me to a sexual object for his pleasure.

It is summer time now, and women are wearing light summer dresses and shorts.  This is prime hunting season for the perverts. A few years ago in Ontario, a man was arrested after hiding down the hole of an outhouse so that he could leer at women while they used the facilities…The local media reported it like it was a hilarious comedy routine, because he was covered in shit, and not one word was said about the privacy of the victims that had been lost. Every year some pervert is caught with a camera that he has used to take obscene pictures of unsuspecting women. This is not a joke, we are not flattered, and no we did not bring this upon ourselves. Women should be able to live our daily lives without constantly being leered at by some disgusting man.  I don’t want to hear the bullshit excuse about how men are visually stimulated either.  This is about the right that some men feel that they have to reduce us to objects for their gratification; this is about the imbalance of power in our society.

The forgiveness that we give these “helpless” leering assholes is the foundation that our rape apologist culture is built on.  We say things like, “it’s only boys being boys”, as though it is just some victimless game. It is not a far escalation to go from leering at a woman inappropriately, to taking physical action against her person.  Somehow the argument is always reduced to how we must have brought it upon ourselves, either by our sexually suggestive clothing, or behaviour. Take note perverts, I could be  wearing nothing but what I came into the world with, and that still would not give you the right to reduce me to an object.

I have a suggestion for all of you leering assholes, who think that this is some fun summer pass time, akin to baseball or lacrosse,… Return to the hole that you climbed out of, and allow the descent people to get on with it. Enter a permanent state of hibernation because you really don’t add anything to the world anyway. You are nothing but oxygen thieves, breathing perfectly good air that should be left for those of us that actually add value to society, and in case I have not gotten my point across clearly enough….Fuck the hell off.

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