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I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting fed up with the crap that bloggers are getting in the mainstream media.  Every time I turn around some one is making a disparaging comment about the hard work that we do.

Granted not all blogs are equal, PerezHilton, Bossip or Crunk&Disorderly are definitely cancerous for the brain.  They are however not representative of the many blogs that populate the internet.  The “bloggers are loser” commentary has shown up on mainstream sitcoms. Politicians have commented that we are losers in pyjamas, in our parents basements, and reporters have continually complained that we have no credibility.

You know what, I am sick of the childish taunts and the daily belittling of not only the work that I do, but of many other committed individuals.  For many blogging is a labour of love.  God knows, no one is getting rich off it except for an elite select few.  Arianna Huffington may have a yacht, but most of us are slaving away in obscurity.

If you write the kind of blog that I do, you are even less likely to earn any money.  Unlike the Bill O’Reillys and Hannitys of the world, who are masters of lies and deceptions, I write and edit each and every single post.  Each keystroke is a commitment to truth telling and consciousness raising, which is a lot more than I can say some of the garbage that regularly fills the air waves. 

Bloggers are under attack because the media and the ruling elite have not yet found a way to control it.  Anyone can start a blog; they are free.  Anyone can have a chance to have their say, and in so doing perhaps influence someone half way around the world. 

The animosity towards blogging is about a loss of control.  Conversation and free thought are an anathema because it leads to an engaged population.  A citizenry that is concerned with current events and ideas is not easily lead in deception. 

In the precursor to the Iraq war how many mainstream media outlets green stamped the invasion without thinking about the criminality of the act? The only person in the mainstream that stood up was Donahue, and MSNBC quickly handed him his walking papers.  This is not to say that all bloggers function with high levels of integrity, but they do offer one thing that no other form of media does; the opportunity to engage with others.

In a world where true and honest engagement is not encouraged, a space to converse is a valuable thing.  It is something that should not be overlooked, or taken for granted.  Blogging is a form of resistance and this why it is daily demonized.

Bloggers will ask the questions that mainstream media can’t or won’t ask.  A particularly articulate blogger will introduce you to new ideas and theories.  A good blog is a place where you can learn.  Outside of the library there are very few avenues where one can attain knowledge.  Isn’t it interesting that both publicly funded libraries and blogs are being attacked at the same time?  Libraries are being closed to budget cutbacks despite the essential service that they provide, and blogs are attacked as meaningless fodder in spite of the conversations that they inspire.

The elite has a history of attacking anything that threatens its position of power. Anytime you see something utilized by the proletariat that is being attacked the way that blogging is, there is a good chance that it is actually doing some social good. 

I realize as a blogger that I have a very obvious bias and perhaps as a blog reader you share the same bias.  I am simply questioning the sudden impetus to attack a form of media that so many globally have found refuge in.  Nothing happens accidentally and you can be certain that there is an agenda behind this.

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