How Does Disableism Factor Into Today's Election

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Hey, Canadian readers, today is election day. I’m expecting that most of you who read my blog are already Dippers, Liberals, Greens, or independents. So you probably will not be surprised to learn that Conservative MP James Moore has given us yet another reason to not vote Conservative. It appears that the charming Mr. Moore believes that autism is not a real disability, that we are in fact, a “special interest group”. 

Anyone else reminded of America’s Sweetheart, Michael Savage, saying a near identical smear against autistics, only with more colourful language?
Yes, it’s a common trope. Because some of us (not all of us by the way) can talk, go to college, live on our own, drive a car, it must mean we’re all faking that disability stuff. Take away all our silly accessories, give us a good talking-to and possibly physically assault us, and we’ll hop right into productivity, start talking, and not need any assistance whatsoever! I’m just faking it! I totally am capable of being neurotypical, if I just try! 

Enough bitter joking. The truth is, I am genuinely frightened that people like him have power over my soon-to-be home. Autistic people regularly have to contend with bullies. Sometimes, these bullies have incredible power over our lives. They can be teachers, therapists, parents, doctors, caseworkers, or spiritual leaders who exercise their power over our lives in order to make us miserable and ruin our overall quality of life. 

Mr. Moore, an MP, is the ultimate bully. He has the power not only to make a single autistic person he has contact with miserable, but his power extends all across Canada. That’s one in every 110 Canadians having to worry about people like him just not caring about us, or thinking that we are not worth paying attention to. 

So today, I advise you to please, make sure that people like Mr. Moore and Mr. Harper never darken a doorway in Ottawa ever again.
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