Hitting The Air Waves

image I have found much inspiration from the way WOC have used the internet to spread messages about social justice.  Tami Of What Tami Said introduced me to blogtalk radio.  After participating in a few of her shows, it has become clear to me that this can be used as a great format to discuss pertinent issues.  To that end, every two weeks I will be running a call in radio show on Blog Talk radio.

This week I will be getting together with the ever brilliant Monica of Transgriot, (would you believe girlfriend still owes me some corn bread?)  Frau Sally Benz of Jump Off the Bridge, and Brownfemipower  of Flip Flopping Joy to discuss the silencing of women of colour in feminist spaces. 


Please be sure and join us on Saturday at 4pm EST in what I am sure will be a fun and enlightening conversation.

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