Historical Racist Cartoons?

According to the New York Times, a series of racist Warner Brothers cartoons was posted on YouTube by an unidentified user. When he was questioned as to why he chose to post these videos, he claimed that these videos have “historical value”.

According to the New York times, when these videos were first released in 1942, they were unsuccessfully protested by the N.A.A.C.P. Due to a lack of complaints by youtube users the videos have not been taken down.

I question how these videos add to historical data. It is well recorded that blacks in the US were enslaved, and lived under a jim crow system. In fact racism is not a thing of the past. These videos are racist and inflammatory. The continued demand for these videos confirms that many still find such representations of blacks acceptable.

I urge you to contact youtube, and demand that these racist videos be removed. I see no valuable historical content that needs to preserved. These videos are a mockery of blacks and present us as less than human. Youtube should not need a massive outcry to decide that these videos are offensive. Within the first two minutes of this clip, I decided that this was an affront to me as a person of color. These videos belong in the Warner Brothers vault.

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