Hey You Fatty

That’s right I’m talking to you fatty with no shape and no curves.  You queen of the anti-woman, don’t try and hide your grotesqueness under the label of thick. Qviloa is on to your desperate little charade. You cannot possibly love your body the way it is, because it is not appealing to men.

“In North America it seems that most white men like thin women, while most black men like thick women. When people say that black men like fat women they are mixing up fat with thick.”

While you are conforming your body to meet male standards make sure that you slide yourself into the appropriate racial category. If you are white and happen to fall under the category of “thick”, the males that you are “supposed” to mate with will still find you unappealing. That’s right white women, you have to go the extra step and make sure that you are anorexic enough to meet the modern day beauty standards, or you may find yourself alone night after night living out that famous New Years eve scene from Bridget Jones Diary. Can you picture yourself alone, drunk and singing all by yourself? That is the life that awaits you. Isn’t avoiding that, worth getting a serious disease and starving yourself half to death.  Buck up, think about what you are risking…if you don’t do this you may never have the pleasure of another deep dick again.

“Since liking thick women seems so natural to me and since thick women are clearly the ones best able to bear children, it is hard for me to understand how so many white men like thin women, though clearly they do. Some black men do too.”

Not getting the dick means no motherhood. Mother nature would not approve. Uterus, eggs, fallopian tubes and vagina equals all women want to be mothers. You are risking your biological imperative by stubbornly hanging on to all of this extra weight.  If you don’t stock that fridge with weight watchers meals immediately your DNA will never be passed on to the next generation.  Don’t think about the expense of those high sodium, frozen meal replacement dinners, think about it as paying a tithe to the temple of dick.  If you are feeling hungry on this new diet, just imagine how full you will feel with a mouthful of cum. The benefits to swallowing include, but are not limited to fructose sugar, water, vitamin C, citric acid, enzymes and zinc, all for a mere 5-7 calories. Did I mention the special honor of sucking a dick in the first place. So put a lock on that freezer and dream about the days when your nutritional requirements will be met with a teaspoon of cum. With a steady diet of dick and cum you will be able to wear all of those pretty thongs, to show off your now visible feminine curves.

I must be some kind of unnatural anomaly. I have been fat most of my life and guess what, when I wanted dick, I got dick. I didn’t have to starve myself or walk across hot stones to prove my worthiness either. Fat women get laid when we want it, believe it or not life is not all vibrators, wine and tears. I don’t spend my days looking at pictures of other women in envy. I also am committed to living my life everyday, and as such the idea of waiting until I loose all of my so called excessive weight to stake my claim in this world is decidedly unappealing. So Qviloa you keep telling the world what is appropriate for women, and we fat women will just keep on getting on. While you are at it, you might want to take the time to think about what women find attractive, because shockingly enough having a dick is no guarantee of access to the bodies of women. We might also have a demand or two.

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