Hey Palin, Some Americans Find The Word Nigger Offensive

Well the McCain campaign said that it didn’t support racial politics,he clearly forgot to discuss this with Sarah Palin; who seems to have no problem with the word nigger.  Continuing on with your speech and failing to correct the person who used such inflammatory language only confirms that when she used the term “real Americans”, what she meant was white Americans.  Between the taunts of “kill him”, monkeys dressed with Obama labels and now catcalls of nigger. is it any wonder that Palin rallies are beginning to look more and more like new age KKK seminars.  News flash: black Americans are citizens who have the right to vote. Continually engaging in racial politics by failing to disavow words like nigger will only only help to ensure that you are headed back to Alaska on Novemeber 5. 

H/T Mattbastard

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