Hey Did You Know Your Vagina's Personality Is Based On Your Race?

Can there be a product more harmful for women than a douche? In an effort to make themselves relevant in a world in which women have realized that their vaginas naturally clean themselves, Summer’s Eve has given us the sassy vagina. You might want to grab a puke bag before viewing.

Uhh hail to V from the wonder down under gurrrrllll.  You go ahead and put your hands on your hip and get to snapping.

Not to be outdone, Brown women need to pay special attention to their vaginas aieeee

Don’t you know that your vagina can perform miracles like giving birth?  Just ignore that this whole line of thought plays into the racist stereotype that Latina women are constantly breeding.

But wait don’t some White women have vaginas as well?  Don’t worry, Summer’s Eve didn’t forget you, but I bet you will wish they had when you see the following commercial.


Yeah BFF’s and vaginaland rule.  Of course we can understand just from the speech pattern that we are talking about White women’s vagina’s because all of the spiciness is gone. 

So, from the series it seems that Summer’s Eve has decided that not only do they have shitty product that no one needs, but that doubling down on the fail by using racist stereotypes would somehow make women forget that the very idea that their vaginas are filthy germ swarming masses, that need special care is sexist. 

H/T What Tami Said

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