Her Name Was Angie Zapata

image I first heard about her horrible demise at transgriot (which if you are not already reading, you should be) From what I am able to gather from the few blog entries that have been dedicated to it, Angie Zapata was a victim of trans hate. On the faithful day of her death, she was on a date with Alan Ray Andrade. When he discovered that she had a penis, he hit her repeatedly over the head with a fire extinguisher until she died. He then proceeded to steal her car to evade capture.

Considering the barbarity of this murder there have not been many blog posts dedicated to seeking justice for Angie.  It seems is as though the blogosphere has decided that she is not worthy of justice.  When we fail to speak out against the murder of women like Angie, we are supporting the trans hate that caused her death.

I am well aware that there are those within the feminist movement who refuse to acknowledge trans women as “authentic women”. This is nothing more than unacknowledged CIS privilege.   I find it particularly disgusting when a group that claims to be socially marginalized, and exploited, cannot speak up for what is clearly a vulnerable class of society.  Even if you are unable to acknowledge her as the woman that she was, plain and simple human decency should at least encourage you to speak out about such violence.  Angie had just as much right to share our space as any other living being.  If we truly believe in honouring humanity, it is important to acknowledge the most vulnerable amongst us. We cannot rail against the tyranny of the majority and then claim privilege to perform the same sort of intolerance when it is convenient to ‘other’ segments of society.

When I look at her picture, I see a life that was cut short due to ignorance. I see a woman that could have contributed so much to society but for our tendency to not only believe, but uphold gender binaries.  This flawed modernist thinking is the basis of much pain in our society. We are not two dimensional figures leading scripted lives.  Angie deserved much better than to die alone on a floor, the victim of hate and fear.  Perhaps someday we can actually live up to some of the progressive principles we as feminists and liberals claim to believe in and pursue justice for women like Angie. No one deserves to die the way she did, and no one deserves to have such a tragedy barely remarked upon.


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