Help A White Guy: We want a piece of that pie that we paid for

One of the great things about trackbacks is that it allows you to see who is linking to you.   Womanist Musings is a blog that attempts to focus on marginalized bodies and therefore I get my fair share of trolls linking and commenting.  I usually ignore them but the name and tag line of this blog was really irresistible.

Help a White Guy?  Haven’t they had enough help to last them a lifetime?  They have had affirmative action in their favour since before the US was even an independent nation, yet we still have people invested in spreading the lie that White men are discriminated against.  In a word, DELUSIONAL. This is not about being discriminated against, this is a fear of a loss of undeserved privilege.


These are the same White men who argue and rail about affirmative action, thus ignoring the reason that a company is all White to begin with is because its hiring practices are racist.  How can you get the best person for the job, when you purposefully under educate and impoverish a large section of the population? It’s all about fairness right?  I suppose it is not at all suspicious that many policeman have an Irish Catholic background.  They just all happen to be the best people for the job and if a few Black heads get bashed in who cares.

White men aren’t just born with a silver spoon in their mouths, their entire body is silver coated.  Somehow, with all of this magical good luck, they are the ones being oppressed.   The newspeak in their arguments is astonishing.  Whiteness loves to point to the special treatment that POC of receive, without ever once acknowledging the ways in which the world has been tailored to serve their needs.

It is too much to ask that they avoid saying the N word or using racist terms like “race card” but let a POC be in the least bit critical of the White supremacist state and the world has to immediately halt.  Freedom of speech only applies to their ability to denigrate and marginalize; it was certainly never meant to allow the darkies to speak our truth.  You see, when we speak we are always working an agenda and heaven knows all White people are pure of heart and deed.

image I would like to know what exactly the White man has bought and paid for? I think it is a fair question when you consider the theft of land, slavery, rape, murder etc.,  What has your hard work really won you besides the ability to stand on the shoulders of others and whine about your oppression? Despite all the bravado White men did not build North America.  There was a full and functioning society even before you set foot on the continent and nearly every achievement that has occurred since that date, has come at the pain of MILLIONS of POC and therefore; while you are promoting the mendacity of White oppression, may I humbly suggest you consider the cost of the society that you wish to maintain.  For every luxury there is a payment and this is even more true of White privilege.

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