Happy Canada Day!

canadaWell here we go again…It is time to celebrate the birth of “our” nation.  This is a day when Canadians on mass practice revisionist history blissfully over as many beers as they can keep down.  While in the process of celebration very few stop to think about the fact that this nation would not exist without the murders of millions of aboriginal peoples.  In fact to this day they are greatly marginalized in “our” society.  They are over represented in our prison population, and many still live today in abject poverty.  So essentially what we are celebrating is nearly destroying aboriginal peoples in the quest for land and conquest.

    Canada day is further made problematic in that it is a reminder that this is a world of divisions.  Borders are a social construction that are divisive to mankind.  Countries function in such a way that they exclude others for the purposes of exploitation. In the interest of “Canadian” people the government engages in unfair trading practices, exploiting others simply because they inhabit a different region of the globe.  In the interest of the “Canadian” people industry continues to pollute the earth in order to keep the “Canadian” economy afloat.  In the interest of the “Canadian” people soldiers are engaged in a neo-imperialistic war in Afghanistan.

    When you celebrate Canada day, take a moments pause and think to yourself what it would mean to celebrate a globe day.  A day when all of the peoples of the earth could unite in equality and freedom.  Think about the land that you are standing on, and who it really belongs to, and what the actual cost was to humankind for you to be standing where you are.  Celebrate humanity, and not a country built on exploitation, near genocide of a people, and false ideology.

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