Happy Birthday Adolph Hitler Campbell

image When children are born they have the ability to see colour but they don’t attach value to difference.  It is adults that actively teach bias and hatred to children. The perfect example of this is little Adolph Hitler Campbell.  The only reason to name a child after one of history’s greatest monsters is a belief in the Nazi program, of terror and genocide.

Little Campbell is already being made to pay for his parents hatred.  The family attempted to get a cake made inscribed happy birthday Adolf Hitler at ShopRite and were refused.  They were offered a blank cake to inscribe themselves and they turned it down. 

“We believe the request … to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate,” said Karen Meleta, a ShopRite spokeswoman.

I feel sorry that little Adolph will not be receiving his birthday cake, but I fully support the decision made by ShopRite.  There are not enough businesses that are willing to forgo profit to make the moral decisions that are necessary to recognizing our shared humanity.

As I look at this child I cannot help but feel a sense of sadness.  At the age of three he is pure and innocent and in a few years he will be so indoctrinated by his parents hatred, that he will be an ugly human being to interact with.  Though parents do exist with the right to pass on traditions and morals to their children, the passage of this kind of hate is most certainly a form of child abuse.  This is a violation of the sacred trust between parent and child.

Hate will rob him of many things in this life, even with the white privilege that is encoded to his body.  There is much he will never experience, or learn simply because he will grow to believe that those that do not look like him are beneath him. 

It is my hope that child protective services will intervene for the good of this child.  Being raised in a home that glorifies the horrors of the Nazis will hamper his ability to live a successful and happy life, as well as damage those that come into contact with him.

As an anti-racist parent I find this story appalling.  Incidents like this should serve as a reminder to us all to check our privileges and ensure that we are not passing on to the next generation a legacy of the worst crimes of humanity.  We have the social myth that each generation race relations get better, but clearly we are not far removed from the past if people still find it acceptable to teach such obvious hatred.

Being an anti-racist is hard work, but it is something that we must all commit to if we are ever to reach a time when we can look at our neighbour and truly see their humanity.  The world has seen enough violence and bloodshed, we need not add to it by perpetuating the idea that the sole value of an individual can be gauged by the colour of ones skin, creed, religion or ethnicity.

H/T Shakesville and Feministing

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