Gun Company Produces Special Bullets To Kill Muslims

I think the following story should be filled under hateful shit that you wish that was made up.  According to the Southern Law Poverty Center, Silver Bullet Gun Oil was created specifically to incite fear in Muslims of being defiled because it is made with pig fat oil.

A mysterious company called Silver Bullet Gun Oil has begun selling a line of products for automatic weapons that allegedly contains 13% liquefied pig fat for the expressed purpose of killing Muslims and denying them “a place in paradise,” Hatewatch has learned.

“No longer is paradise guaranteed to the so-called ‘Martyrs’ who die for Allah,” one YouTube video advertisement proclaims in text. “You are fools, on a fool’s mission. Lied to and led by False Prophets and Cowards. … You cannot win, and Will be consigned to Allah’s Hell for eternity if you die from a weapon using Silver Bullet Gun Oil!”

Consumption of pork is forbidden in Islam. So the belief behind the oil is that a person killed with a bullet that travels down the barrel of a gun greased in pig fat would be desecrated. Even if the gun oil is never used, the manufacturer boasts, its mere existence will terrorize Muslims and result in an effective “counter-Islamic terrorist force multiplier.”

It could also provoke violent backlashes from Muslims who feel their faith is being attacked. In early April, at least 20 people were killed in riots in Afghanistan provoked by Terry Jones, a Florida pastor who burned a Koran.  

The irony of this is that this man does not realize that some of these Muslims that he despises are his fellow Americans.  Muslim is not a religion of foreigners and Islam has long been entrenched in the Western world. He feels safe projecting his hatred, only because he believes he is attacking a mysterious other, rather than someone who is on the PTA and pays their taxes to the U.S. government.  If Islam were truly a threat to the U.S. we would have seen more than the actions of a few extremists over the years, but then logic is not something that applies to the ignorant bigotry that men like him express.

The article from this goes on to say that he refers to himself as the Servant of Yahweh and from this I believe it is possible to surmise that we are dealing with a person who identifies as Christian. A Christian who is unaware of the common ancestry between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  That is the reason that the Qur’an refers to Christians and Jews as people of the book.  In his ignorant state he did not consider the kind of arrogance it takes to call oneself a servant of God and then advocate violence and murder.  If there is vengeance to be had, it belongs to the Lord, and this mean is certainly not pure enough to cast any stones, as we are all born of original sin.

The problem with all religion is that it has been corrupted to be used as a tool of oppression against others.  Christianity is no different in that it has been used a colonizing force throughout the globe but he need not leave his own country to find that out — a brief conversation with Native Americans, about the effect of Christianity on their culture, would be enough to prove this point. Christianity has been used to defend the right to own slaves, to justify countless wars and even who wins the super bowl.  If Islam is corrupt then so is Christianity and every other organized religion.  The issue is not with a faith in a supreme being, but the way in which texts are routinely twisted to justify inhumanity. 

 Bigots like this only see this issue from a specific frame of reference.  They ignore that even those acts of violence that claim Islam as a source of empowerment are specifically in response to U.S. foreign policy.  Who does he think armed and train Osama Bin Laden in the first place?  They also ignore the many acts of violence that Muslims have been the direct target of and make no mistake about it, mosques have been attacked.  Just last year, in so-called multi cultural Canada a school inside a Mosque was fire bombed.  The violence is certainly not one sided no matter how put upon many segments of western culture feel.

What the so-called servant of Yahweh is doing is absolutely Islamophobic and I can think of no justification within the Christian religion for his actions. The sixth commandment is: thou shall not kill, and this product is not only designed to facilitate murder, but to defile the body in the process. It is without doubt one of the most disgusting products that I have ever come across on the market.

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