Grab Your Lamb Curry and Halal Chicken Biryani and Move West

image Saskatchewan is experiencing a boom.  Currently it is estimated that there is a shortage of 10 thousand people per sector.  In fact western Canada is apparently where “its at” right now.  You cannot watch a night of Canadian programing without some form of advertising for a job west of Ontario.  The oil sands alone, in Alberta, have drained many small towns in Nova Scotia of its male citizenry. Now that the traditional poor white workers have been lured away by the potential to raise their standard of living, to the middle class lifestyle all Canadians feel that we are entitled to, Saskatchewan is appealing to immigrants.

According to the Globe and Mail, Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall hosted a image barbecue of lamb curry and halal chicken biryani in one of Toronto’s mostimage “multicultural neighbourhoods”, Thorncliffe Park.  Don’t you just love the term multicultural neighbourhood…yeah me too, it’s a catchy code to describe a neighbourhood that white people are too rich to live in.  Unless of course they are “poor white trash”, who only live there because they have not managed to cash in on white privilege.  Either way, anyone residing in that area is stigmatized by class. 

Mr.Wall took good care to point out to the immigrants (read: bodies of colour) that racism effects their ability to achieve upward mobility in large urban centres like Toronto.  Really, no shit Sherlock.  Of course immigrants don’t realize that it is racism when they are turned away from jobs despite being more experienced because of a lack of Canadian credentials. They are so educated but yet they supposedly have no idea that class, race and in some cases gender, are intersecting to keep them in their beloved “multicultural neighbourhoods.”

Well Mr.Wall has the solution for all of their problems.  If they are willing to give up the security of living in an area with large masses of people to whom they have an ethnic link, prosperity is available in the great white west.  With such a shortage of labour the west is willing to open its arms to Torontos disenfranchised bodies of colour.  I am all aglow with the generosity.

Certainly as a nation we should not take positive steps to end racism, because if we actually did manage to reduce it in any tangible way, who would we exploit when we have a labour shortage?  Having disposable bodies is a national priority. It is necessary to the social construction of Canadian identity image to maintain the illusion of a white country; and therefore new immigrants, and all people of colour born under the maple leaf, are repressed to forestall any demand to acquire the same  economic potential, as those white bodies born with race and class privilege.  Oh Canada, our home and native land.

(Editors Note: The term poor white trash was intentional to point out that white privilege is mitigated but not eliminated by class)

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