Good Vibrations

image Trojan has introduced a personal massager on to the market.  This tiny fingertip product of pleasure uses 2 AA batteries, and it is reported to go for 30 minutes. With the exception of Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia, it is commonly available.  At last women don’t have to venture into a sex shop to pick out a product designed to fulfill our sexual needs. A womans orgasm sold in this way is not a dirty thing that needs to be hidden. Trojan briefly tries to sell the idea that men also love this product but lets just be honest, this all about clit pleasure. Buzzzzz gotta love it.  Check the commercial.

One of the things that I love about this commercial is the eavesdropping older woman. In Western society the idea that we stop being sexual beings at a certain age has become part of the discourse around sex, and sexuality. Not only does this ad present middle aged women as wanting, and loving their orgasms it shows her encouraging younger women to do the same.  That is what I call pro-woman, pro-sex advertisement.  With so much of sex related products, and or advertising aimed at the male gaze it is refreshing to see one unashamedly aimed at women. Can I get a whooo hooo. 

I cannot personally attest for how well this product achieves its marketed goals.  It does have in its favor the fact that it is not the phallic replacement that is commonly sold. I am not saying that women don’t enjoy penetration, but lets be honest most sexual pleasure is derived from the clitoris, so why not give it the stimulation that it deserves.  Dildos have their place, however we as women don’t need to continually role play a fetishistic desire for a penis.  This is especially true for queer women.  Trojan truly considered a womans anatomy when they created this mini buzzer of pleasure.


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