Glenn Beck: Why Don’t You Just Set Us On Fire

Normally I would not bother to  blog about Beck, as he  is obviously the king of idiocy, but in recent weeks he has descended to a low that even I thought was beyond him.

Beck: And President Obama apparently feeling like — ah, I’m pretty much done, not a lot more to do, you know? I got all those things done. You know what? Why don’t I work on immigration reform? Later this year he hopes to create a path for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens here in America to become legal. But yet, we haven’t fixed the border and shut the water off! What a sweet, sensitive guy he really is.
…We have Bill Schultz here, he’s from Red Eye. And I’m just going to demonstrate at least how I feel, all right? I feel, when I read this story last night, I don’t know about you — let’s say Bill is the average American here, and I’m President Obama. This is the way I feel…

This man has clearly lost what is left of his precious few scruples and FoxNews clearly needs to rethink allowing him to preach his virulent hatred to the masses.  His commentary incites violence and promotes a clear devaluation of human life.  It is enough to leave one almost speechless.

This is not a matter of simple shock jock commentary; this is hateful, racialized propaganda designed to privilege whiteness and inspire violence against bodies of color.  His entire rant about hating POC depends on the idiotic belief that they have actual power in the US.  It further ignores the fact that many segments of the US economy are dependent on illegal workers because the so-called “real Americans” refuse to work for the slave wages that many corporations pay.  The so-called jobs that they are taking are not jobs that American citizens  want.  The way of life that Glenn is desperate to protect involves maintaining white male privilege as the dominant structure in the US. 

I question why he finds it so offensive that trading Cuba would raise the standard of living for the average Cuban.  Is it really so necessary to not only exist with untold wealth but to ensure that everyone suffers as a consequence of this greed?   Why does the amount of of abortions that a woman has have anything to do with the state of a country, other than  reflecting that in the state in question the fact that women have the ability to control their reproduction means they are able to take better control over their lives?

Beck is the prime example of the angry white men syndrome and yet oddly enough it is POC that are often labelled with the tag of angry.  Can you even imagine Roland Martin screaming and ranting on CNN like this?   Can you imagine Michael Eric Dyson simulating a burning to represent his disenfranchisement?  No, these are the actions of a whiteness that is desperate to maintain our dissonance in worth and value and it should be recognized for the very dangerous behaviour that it is. 

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