"Glee" Gets Naughty for GQ

The first time I watched Glee, was last month for the horrific Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.  Though the idea of a show focused on nerds appeals to me, as I have a tendency to root for the underdog, in all honesty the whole thing just felt far too camp for my taste. Horror of horrors I know — someone who is not head over heels in love with Glee.  At any rate, the stars of Glee recently posed for GQ.  I find it extremely interesting that a show that supposedly challenges norms by centering those that are socially awkward and some case absolutely “othered” would so quickly return to well played upon tropes.  I am going to put the images below the fold because they are not safe for work.

This spread is for GQ, but the fact that it quickly descended into infantilizing women is pretty ridiculous.  Okay, I know I have to acknowledge the agency of the women who posed for these photos, but at the same time playing up on the school girl fantasy is a dangerous thing in a world in which women are too often viewed as prey. It just seems that every time something steps outside of the mold and creates something new and different society is quick to find a way to turn back the hands of time and halt progress.  What is this but old fashioned sexism dressed up to look edgy and playful?

What are your thoughts on the photo spread and the message that it sends?

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