Give Me Some Of Those Old Time Cosby Morals

image Who amongst us is not familiar with Americas favourite dad, Bill Cosby?  The award winning comedian and father has made it his mission in recent years to save the black community.  His arguments are all about blaming the poor for being poor, and forcing black women to capitulate to the black male patriarchy. The world was better when man was the head of the household and everyone knew their place.   He has been peddling his anti-woman, classist message from sea to shining sea.   That he continues to be worshipped as a beacon of truth is proof of the degree that we have internalized the false doctrine of meritocracy. That womens organizations continue to give him a platform is proof of the acceptability of slut shaming in our so called sexually liberated world.

In The Forum For Dark Secrets, Bill Cosby lectured, to every girl that there is always an alternative to what’s popular — and that sex, the right way, is worth waiting for. Yes young girls must certainly remember that the time to have sex is when daddy has walked you down the isle; then and only then is it okay for you to be a sexual being.  Your virginity is precious and just because you may be experiencing sexual desire, having sex is simply not acceptable.  Young girls  need to understand that their bodies don’t belong to them, they belong to their future husbands. 

“If you’re 13, 14, 15 and you have sex, this is not gourmet stuff,” he said. “Nobody’s buying you a bottle of wine and candlelight and putting some romantic music on. No, you’re in the clothes closet or down near the dryer or dishwasher saying, ‘Hurry up before my mother comes home.’ That’s why you don’t know the boy’s name.”

Young women are not participating in sex because they might desire it.  Women only submit to sex when they have been appropriately bought and paid for. Black girls need to hold out for a man with money to pay for their services, because sex is essentially women selling their bodies to the highest bidder. 

“Now let me tell you the pitiful part. The child you’re now pregnant with? Neither you nor Peewee are pleased with having this child. … If you never dreamt of having this child, how are you going to think lovingly of raising it?”

Right, if the pregnancy is accidental you cannot possibly love this child.  A child only has a chance if they are painstakingly planned for. In other words stop producing little bastards. Submit damn it, marriage is the path to salvation.

At that point, he said, the girl is “knocked up” and her “beautiful mind is knocked off the right track” — “and your mother wants to knock your block off.”

Of course it does not occur to the man to scream just as loudly for programs that would allow young single mothers to continue their education.  How about a little socialized day care Bill?  Just because a woman has had a child out of wedlock does not mean that her life is over if she is given the appropriate support. I know that it is hard to believe but as important as motherhood can be in the life of a woman, it does not encompass the totality of her being.  I may be a mother but I also play many roles.

“In my time, it wasn’t a perfect time, but it was tough trying to get some,” he said. “Women interviewed you: ‘What high school did you graduate from?’ ‘Well, right now? Uh,’ ’No, good-bye.’ “

The little sluts of today just give it away like candy.  In the good old days before reliable birth control women knew better. Now that you are free to have sex like wild animals you have lost all sense of self.  In his day women were never whores.  The world was balanced, men chased and the good girls said no. Of course there is nothing wrong with men actively seeking to have sex, hey that just comes with a penis.

Bill Cosby is a member of the Black afrostocracy. He is not interested in helping people, he is only interested in shaming people into conforming to norms that are not necessarily in their best interest.  While he unashamedly lectures women about refraining from being sexually active, he neglects to mention that he paid a woman not to reveal that he had possibly fathered a child outside of his blessed wedlock.  He recently settled a civil suit wherein a woman charged that he drugged and sexually assaulted her.  I guess she didn’t understand that because he had money he was entitled to access to her body. Maybe this is why he is intent on telling young black women to hold out for a fat wallet. The more women that can be convinced that their bodies should be available to the thickest wallet, the more victims he will have.

When he speaks about the poor letting the civil rights movement down I must question where was his devotion when Dick Greggory, a fellow comedian was including race into his stand up routines and actively marching? He wasn’t down with the black community then.  He was busy telling the world that he was simply a human being, denying the struggle that blacks were undergoing to have their human worth recognized.  Today in his senior years he is seeking to redeem the lack of action of his younger days.  Even if he were take every single dollar he earned peddling jello and invest it into poor communities it will not make up for his failure to answer the call to civil rights.  That you preach unity now does not erase the fact that in your youth you saw only the glint of gold and not the tears of suffering and true degradation.  And so I say to you Mr.Cosby in the words of a comedian who knew what honesty was, “Have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.”


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  1. Isabelle says:

    That’s an innoeigus way of thinking about it.