Get Over It Because I Am Gay

Transcript is Below The Fold.

What’s up youtube?  I think that people need to get over it, because I’m gay. We sit here talking about our heart aches and acceptance.  Despite what you are they  think, we’re living our lives full of colour and faith.  You can stare us in our eyes and believe we know our place.  What we pursue is what we are destined for.  You’re worrying about who we love and who we fuck is none of your business .  We try to chime in, chime you in keep you up to date, but you really don’t care who we date.  Shall we discuss when all you really feel is disgust?  You laughing behind our back, taking us for a joke, but we breathing the same air what is there to compare besides me sleeping with her and you sleeping with him.  We love the same so why complain and hate on our love because you really mad because we do what we do not worrying about you and you do what you do worrying about who- us.  Get over it we’re gay.  I’m gay.

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