Georgia On My Mind Now That Police Have Beaten Jimmy Blackwell Blind

I got this story in an e-mail tip from Daisy of Daisy’s Dead Air.  At first I was just going to cross post it, but after reading it and realizing how it relates to a post I had written earlier today I have decided to comment.

Image below the jump is disturbing.

I want you to look very carefully at the face of,


This man was beaten by Patrol officer Bobby C. Mitchell.  He is currently on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.  Mitchell is 26 years old and Blackwell is 51.

Since Obama has been elected our post racial world has gone an vicious war against black men and the police have been used as their soldiers.  Unfortunately there are no witnesses to this brutal beating and the case will come down to Blackwells word against Mitchell, but from the condition of his body how can one doubt that this is clearly a case of abuse of power on the part of a police officer. 

According to the Hartwell Sun, the Blackwell family was not allowed to see Jimmy or inquire about his condition until Feb 17.  Jamiya the sister of Jimmy Blackwell further states that she was threatened with arrest for asking too many questions.

When I look upon the ravaged face of Blackwell I cannot help but think about how lucky he is to be alive, even in his serious condition.  Many black men have met their end at the hands of police and the public outcry if any at all has been short lived.  These men are our sons, father, husbands and brothers and daily whiteness wages war against their bodies.

How many times have we seen images in the media of black men as criminals and abusers to legitimate white fear? I don’t even have a clear recollection of a black man being brutalized by a white man in a prime time sitcom and yet we know that this happens everyday. When we consider the history of violence, who really should be living in fear?  Malcolm X once famously said that Plymouth rock landed on us, and today blacks can testify that it has continued in its brutal assault.  When a black man gets pulled over or stopped by a police officer in any district he has more than enough reason to be afraid.  History has shown us that justice has perfect vision in the defence of white hegemony.

POC are continually told that we need to let go of our anger.  Apparently this emotion is counter productive.  Why is it that it is us, that must alter our behaviour when we are routinely the victims? Whiteness has been violent towards us since the first black person stepped off a slave ship and it has never stopped, yet we are never to bring up race because it makes them uncomfortable.  I could give a fuck about your discomfort; I care about POC living lives devoid of violence.  I am going to tell the next person that calls me angry that they are damn right. 

I am angry that our children continue to shuttled into non academic streams, that we continue to live in poverty, that black men continue to be over represented in the prison industrial complex, that black women continue to be understood as unrapeable, and that it is almost easier to buy a gun than a goddamn tomato in some urban neighbourhoods.  Yeah I am angry and I am not going to hide it because it makes you uncomfortable.  Look at that picture of Blackwell and tell me one more time about the post racial world that we inhabit.  Ask me again if someone is playing the race card because they have the nerve to point out your bigotry.  Finally, ask yourself if we are all so very equal, why are you having to read about this on a blog instead of a mainstream news organization….

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