Gender in Commercials

I was sent the following video from a reader and I thought it would lead to an interesting conversation.


A woman stands holding her stomach
Woman: Ow my stomach
Voice over: Do you suffer from gut agony?
Woman: And my head
Voice Over: Tension head?
Woman grimaces and nods her head yes.
Voice Over: Bloated feeling?
Woman is seen rubbing her stomach
Voice Over: Inevitable wrinkles
Woman is seen touching her face next to her eyes
Voice Over: The beginnings of lady moustach
Woman looks panicked and touches her face just below her nose.
Voice Over: And now you’ve pissed yourself again
Woman crosses her legs
Voice Over: Women, you’re leaking, aging, hairy, over weight and everything hurts
A young boy enters with extremly obvious stains on his clothes
Voice over: And your children’s clothes are filthy.  The men look for other less glamy women.  For god sake sort yourself out.
The following image is then shown

Woman walks into a room with a pillow hunched over.
Woman: Now I am fee to live my own life, my way.
She sits down heavily and the scene moves to a man wearing a white tank top shaving in front of a mirror.
Voice Over: Men shave and get drunk
Man opens the medicine cabinet and removes a pint of beer.  He then takes a sip with a big smile on his face.
Voice Over: Cause you are already brilliant.

What do you think this skit says about the way that advertising is aimed at men and women and do you believe its portrayal is accurate?  I would also like to know if you think this skit uphold gender norms and what role you think advertising has in how we perceive masculine and feminine.

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