Gay African Man Beaten and Burned Alive

Extreme Trigger Warning for Violence and Homophobia.

What follows is a video of a gay man being brutally beaten and then set on fire.  It was filmed in Africa, though I don’t know specifically where on the continent. Apparently, the reporting on the video itself is necessary  I debated for hours about posting this video because of its violent nature. It is easily one of the most inhumane things that I have ever seen.  No one even tried to help this poor man, and cars that passed by seemed more concerned that he might block their path than the fact that he was trying to escape with his life.  In the video it is clear that several other people are also filming his death.  This attack happened in broad daylight, which means that his torturers and murderers did not fear any sort of reprisal for their actions.

Once again, please, please, be aware that this video is horrific. I almost did not make it to the end of the clip and was crying at the end.

I published this video for one purpose and that is to say without equivocation that we need to begin to label the murders of GLBT people that occur globally as genocide.  I think that when you hear second hand about an act of violence that it does not effect you personally, but I doubt that anyone who managed to make it through that entire video could deny the absolute inhumanity of what they saw. This mans death is not an isolated experience and there is no place on the globe that is safe for LGBT people.  The hatred does not always rise to violence, but the hatred always leads to the affirmation that acts like this are acceptable, because it serves to dehumanize TLBG people. This is what happens when we minimize the harm of homophobia.  Allowing the perpetuation of hatred should never be conceived of in an abstract way.

Editors Note: In the comment section many have stepped forward to say that this occurred in Nigeria.  It has also been said that they were calling him a thief.  This of course calls into question some of the assumptions that go with this video.  In the interest of transparency, I am going to leave the post as is however, I felt that it was necessary to validate the issues raised by the commenters.  

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