The Gates: Repercussions

I have to say thank goodness for time shifting or “The Gates” certainly would have lost out to AMC’s “Mad Men”.  I really don’t know what ABC is thinking running this show while “True Blood” is on, and then putting it up against “Mad Men”.  Are they trying to make sure it does not make it out of the first season?

As you recall, last episode Dylan revealed himself to Nick when he murdered, Teressa.  Nick is plagued by the thought of the danger that he put his family in and is terrified of Dylan.  It seems to me, what this incident really points out is that Nick is a control freak —  big surprise considering that he is a cop.  Nick demands to know what happened to Teressa’s body, as Dylan tries desperately to make him realize that they need to relax and cover for each other because a lot is at stake.  When Nick continues to press, Dylan answers him with, “I am going to make this easy for you: holy water, it doesn’t effect me it never has; that was the Vatican pure machine working overtime furthermore, I don’t sleep in a coffin, and I can see my reflection in the mirror, garlic on the other hand, well that does effect me but then heartburn would do that to someone.”  That has to go down as line of the night.

What I find very interesting is the way that Andie’s succubus nature is being used to have a discussion regarding safe sex.  When she asks her father about her parents sexual relationship, he admits that they had to be very careful and that many times her mother did indeed hurt him.  He listed the excuses that he used to cover their sexual interactions, which often left him bed ridden.  He tries to encourage Andie to take the medication her doctor is recommending, rather than attempting to control this on her own, but Andie does not listen and still meets Charlie behind her fathers back, giving him a small kiss.  Unfortunately for Andie, what her father did not tell her, is that he was forced to kill her mother when she lost control of her succubus side.  This to me speaks about the ways in which we try to encourage our youth to have safe sex because it leads to disease and unwanted pregnancy.  Andie’s reaction is very typical of a teenager– a ridiculous belief that they are somehow the exception to the rule.

If you are curious to know what I thought of the rest of the episode you are going to have to read it over at my new blog Women’s Eye on Media.

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