The Gates: Jurisdiction

I am not sure how longer my love of everything vampire is going to be enough for me to keep watching “The Gates”.  It is really starting to get a little camp. As promised a body was found in the gates.  Viewers may have rcognized it as that of Barabara Janson, the woman that Claire ran into with Christian a few episodes ago. She has bite marks on her neck which immediately sends Nick to see Dylan. He goes into ultimate cop mode and wants to know if Dylan did it, and how many vampires live in “The Gates.”  I think the part that had me absolutely shaking my head, is when he asks Nick if bullets have any affect.  Okay, what creature in their right mind is going to say, this is how you murder me, bye bye now have a good day. 

We find out that Barbara’s business partner Gloria Bennett is also a vampire, which automatically gives her motive in Nicks mind.  She says that she tried to turn her after finding her dead, but fangs are enough for Nick to want to take her to the station, before she snatched by the vampires investigating this murder.  It isn’t until this happens that the dolt Nick finally realizes the risk that Dylan took to save him.  I guess late gratitude is better than no gratitude. He did after believe Dylan when he said that the distance between his fangs is larger than the marks on the victim.

I am really sick of the whole PTA fund raising thing that they give Sarah to do.  Can someone really be that boring?  Her son is already a teenager and I smell empty nest syndrome in the future.   She has become such a useless character with no interests outside of her kids.  God, can’t we even send the woman for a spa day  Can we see her do something other than constantly cooking, or fund raising?  How about they let her read a book?  I know it’s a novel idea for women to have interests outside of their husband and children, but it is after all 2010. I suppose we should be thankful that we have Devon to add a little spice to this nonsense.  Aren’t you just dying to know what she is going to do with those masks?  After the way those women treated her for telling off her ex-husband’s mistress, I would say that she has a right to a little vengeance.

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