Forcing An Abortion Is Still Controlling A Womans Reproductive Freedom

In the west the war wages on to make sure that women have access to safe abortions and reproductive care.  The opposite is true for China.  For decades now, China has sought to strictly control the rate of reproduction by limiting how many children any couple may have according to the area in which they live.

This policy has proven to be particularly dreadful for Arzigul Tursun.  She is already the mother of two girls and as such, has reached the maximum children allowed under China’s reproductive policy. 

A STORM of international protest is building over a Chinese ruling that a Muslim Uighur woman who is six months pregnant must have an abortion or lose her home.

Chinese authorities have ordered Arzigul Tursun, who is 26 weeks pregnant, to abort her unborn child … She is under watch at the Municipal Watergate Hospital in Yining in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, which is populated heavily with Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority. Supporters are concerned a forced abortion at such a late stage could threaten Arzigul’s health.

Forcing an abortion is just as harmful to womens physical autonomy as denying one.   When the state is allowed to intervene in this way it infantalizes women.  Only a patriarchal culture that believes that womens bodies should be available for forced violation would even contemplate such a policy.

Due to the international pressure that has been levied about this issue, Arzigul Tursun has yet to be injected with a medication to induce abortion.  We need to keep up the outcry over this case.

The medication that will be forced upon her will make her uterus contract until she is delivered of a dead child. Imagine the horror of being forced to go through the pain of delivery against your will.  Imagine the strain of the pushing, only to be rewarded with a child that is dead because the state decided that you did not have the right to control your body.  This emotional and physical torture.  No woman should ever have to undergo such suffering.

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