For Some Protesting Health Care While Without Medical Insurance Is A Good Idea

If this isn’t a case of the the stoopid it burns, I don’t know what else is.  You simply cannot make this shit up.

Over the last few days, a conservative activist in St. Louis named Kenneth Gladney seems to have become something of a cause celebre in far-right circles. Depending on which version of events you choose to believe, Gladney either initiated or was involved in a scuffle at a town-hall event late last week.

Gladney did not address Saturday’s crowd of about 200 people. His attorney, David Brown, however, read a prepared statement Gladney wrote. “A few nights ago there was an assault on my liberty, and on yours, too.” Brown read. “This should never happen in this country.”

Supporters cheered. Brown finished by telling the crowd that Gladney is accepting donations toward his medical expenses. Gladney told reporters he was recently laid off and has no health insurance. [emphasis added]

As a Canadian, I clearly don’t have a dog in this fight, however; from a distance I will say that the antics of the neo-cons are ridiculous.  Socialized health care would help idiots like Kenneth Gladney but they have been so indoctrinated into doing the bidding of the ruling bourgeoisie, that they continually fail to act in their own best interest.  Is it any wonder that the last politicians that the GOP chose to represent them (Bush and McCain) graduated so highly from their respective schools…yep thank you luades all around.

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