For Rush Limbaugh Health Care Is Like Houses

Rush finally admitted the truth of the Republican position on healthcare.  He obviously does not believe that ensuring that people have access to health care is a moral issue.   Rush, like any other man of privilege values capitol over people.   He can afford to be academic about this issue because when he needed treatment for his addiction, he could afford it and in fact, any health related issues that occur with Limbaugh in the future will not cause him any financial distress.  Money is only a mute point, if you already have it. 

Tommy Douglas is the father of socialized medicine in Canada and he is considered one of the greatest Canadians to ever live.  Our system is not perfect and in fact, I highly doubt that any system run by a capitalist government will be, however; one can be certain that in Canada if you are sick, money will be the last of your concerns.  I have never had to worry about co-payments.  I have never had to argue with an insurance company regarding whether or not I need a test that my doctor has suggested.  All of the treatments that I have undergone have been decided between my doctor and myself.  There is a reason that Canadians live longer than Americans – SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.  Even Cuba has a better standard of care, with one doctor to every six patients than Americans.  What does it say, that a poor island with nowhere near the GDP of the U.S. can afford care for its citizens?

The people that are most likely to have an issue with socialized medicine are those that don’t need it and that should speak VERY loudly to the American population.  Even as these rich people scream about cost, they ignore the fact that the NHS (U.K.) was created out of the ashes of WWII.  From the outside, it seems as though Americans have endless resources to wage war, and no concern for their citizenry.  If you have money to spend on death and violence and no compassion for the weak and vulnerable, it speaks of a society that indeed is suffering a moral crises. 

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