For PETA Women Have Their Uses

PETA has a new flash game in honour of American thanksgiving called, Cooking Mama, Mama Kills Animals. Once again women are used as objects to prove a point.  Mama is a bad, bad, bad, girl because she is feeding her family animal flesh. 


Just look how bloody and violent this image is.  Isn’t it interesting that the males that will be consuming this food are conspicuously absent for the shame ritual. Good wives and mothers are the only ones that need to be morally convicted.

image Just look how sweet and happy she is now that she has been converted from a bloody killer.  It’s amazing how well bullying and demonizing works isn’t it.

PETA claims that is is not about sexism but at every opportunity they use patriarchal tactics to exploit or control womens behaviour or bodies.  Of course the turkeys are dying yearly because it is the evil women who refuse to stop feeding their families flesh. 

The only way to make PETA happy is by being a good girl;  an obedient slave to the cause.  If you are a lowly house frau, your role is to fight in the kitchen; never mind that placing all women in the kitchen is the goal of patriarchy.  Look at the lovely green tofu apron you’ll get to wear.  At least the house frau is allowed to keep her clothes on.


Young attractive white women like Kristen Johnson have other uses.  Yeah their “hot bodies” could not be allowed to swelter in a kitchen green apron or not, when they could be displayed for male consumption.  Of course people will stop and look, she’s naked, but how many will then turn and head straight for the butcher shop at the first craving for a burger.  Yes these ads get your attention but they only do so because of the sexualization and not the message.  Showing someone a bare ass and a nice set of breasts does not make them into a vegetarian.  PETA has increasingly shown no conscience when it comes to respect for women, or the roles that they place us in. 

I find it ironic that the message on this one is Don’t get taken for a ride, because that is exactly what PETA is trying to do with its marketing.  Don’t pay attention to the sexism that we engage in because it is for a good cause.  The journey is just as important as the destination.  If you want people to have respect for living beings the best way to convey that is by having respect in your approach.  I am sure that is all too much work for PETA as it seems for them, that social activism just comes down to how much skin they can show, or how much disciplining of women they need to perform to end up with an animal flesh free world.

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