For The Mormons Being Gay Is Still A Choice

image According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Elder Bruce C. Hafen, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, spoke at the 19th annual conference of Evergreen International, a nonprofit group that helps Mormons “overcome homosexual behaviour” and “diminish same-sex attraction.” The event was held at the LDS Church’s Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City.

I wonder how Elder Bruce would react if he had to attend a seminar to help him overcome heterosexuality?  The problem with this line of thinking is the assumption that heterosexuality is something that is naturally occurring, whereas; homosexuality is a choice.  Sexuality, much like gender, is not something we actively choose.  Even if I were to mentally desire to become a lesbian, overtime my inclination towards men would lead to a pressing desire to assert my sexuality.  This is not because lesbianism is unnatural but that heterosexuality is my sexual orientation.  At no time in my life did I decide to become a heterosexual, I was just born that way.  The same is true for those that are lesbian, bisexual or gay. 

Whenever the devil — whom Hafen referred to as “the adversary” — tries to “convince you that you are hopelessly ‘that way,’ so that acting out your feelings is inevitable, he is lying,” Hafen said. “He is the father of lies. “In the early 1970s, the public and most lawyers, doctors and therapists saw homosexuality not as normal adult behaviour but as a psychological disorder,” he said. “We have witnessed primarily an aggressive political movement more than we’ve witnessed substantive change in the medical or legal evidence.”

Not to demean the mans religion but if we are all made in the image of the creator, would that then not mean that homosexuality, bisexuality, and lesbianism, are very much a part of the Lords plan?  What gets me about these religious leaders is their stubborn obsession with what people are doing sexually.  Why are they not speaking about crimes like hunger, homelessness or a lack of healthcare?  I’ll tell you why, those things aren’t titillating.  Organized religion knows that sex sells, just like the head of any advertising agency.  As long as people are talking about sex or thinking about sex, they will ignore the various ways in which these so-called religious leaders are not speaking for many of the powerless, who in the time of Christ would have been his congregants.  Furthermore, by privileging heterosexuality they reaffirm the little social power most people have.  Many have long ago internalized the false notion, that the only way to express power is to do so in a coercive manner.

Many religious leaders like Hafen, would love for homosexuality to continue to be understood as a pathology because it reaffirms heterosexual privilege.  If anything, it is the LDS that is the father of all lies.  While these homophobic haters  cling to Leviticus, they ignore so many other biblical commandments.  God did not ask Hafen to stand in judgement of others and therefore; he speaks with an authority he does not possess.   There is not one righteous man and all are sinners in the eyes of God and so Hafen should be worrying about his own salvation.  Preaching hate and divisiveness was not the message of Jesus.   These so-called men of the cloth betray their beliefs when they construct a child of God as less than or presume they have the right to dictate who is and who is not righteous.  The LDS has sinned and sinned repeatedly against the LGBT community and perhaps one day it shall receive the judgement that it has so unabashedly called down upon so many others. 

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