For Machine Gun Kelly, Apparently Black Girls Give the Best Head

Okay, I’m going to need White men to stop being racist and misogynistic when they talk Black women as a monolith in an attempt to justify their attraction to us. You would think that the red carpet at the BET awards would be a safe place for Black women, but you would be wrong on that account.

 Transcript below the fold 

Machine Gun Kelly: Emergency mother fucker. Guess what it is? A baller report. I don’t know why ’cause I’m not a baller but my name is Machine Gun Kelly – a motherfucking wild boy yeah.

Reporter: Hey, there’s my wild boy. You know you recently tweeted you like chocolate milk. You know I’m chocolate.

Machine Gun Kelly: Yeah I know.  I am going to tell you like this, my child is Black.

Reporter: Oh we didn’t know that

Machine Gun Kelly: Black girls give the best head.

Reporter: [squeals] Do they now?

Machine Gun Kelly: a 100%

Reporter: Really so…

Machine Gun Kelly: Facts.

Reporter: Okay that’s funny because usually we’re told that we don’t.

Machine Gun Kelly: Okay, okay, now this is what y’all do.  Y’all either give the best head or you say that you don’t give head.  What girls, they just give head so it just like….

Reporter: So the ones who say they don’t usually give the best?

Machine Gun Kelly: No, no, they just – No, I am saying with Black… What you’re saying is that we’re totally not doing that. It’s not that you don’t give the best head it’s that most of y’all are saying, “I don’t do that unless you’re my man.”  You know what I’m saying? Where you girls just need to show your skills ’cause Black girls give the best head.

[The Black woman behind them gets offended and walks away]

Machine Gun Kelly: It’s just the motherfucking difference. [Kelly turns to someone off camera] Bitch walk the fuck away. Fucking dirty ignorant Bitch.  uhh bitch. Weak ass dress and fake ass Louis Vitton purse. I’ll go in on this bitch.

Reporter: You are a wild boy

Machine Gun Kelly: Lipstick all fucked up, here everywhere. Get the fuck out of here. You look like you just got done giving head. But anyway motherfucker, that’s what needs to happen man.

Reporter: Okay

Machine Gun Kelly: You just need to embrace the blowjobs.

You must be wondering why I am raising my time on this low rent fool.  The truth is as much as Kelly was a sexist racist ass, his comments fall into normative when it comes to White men talking about their attraction to Black women.  We don’t get to hear about being educated, beautiful, graceful, charming, intelligent or any other positive attribute.  It’s continually about the ways in which are sexual thus reducing us to the stereotypical Jezebel. There may be a beautiful accomplished Black woman residing in the white house as FLOTUS but the licentious Black women meme still rings large in society.

I know that this reporter had a job to do, but she smiled during this whole misogynistic racist tirade and didn’t say a damn thing. Even when he turned to cuss out a Black woman who was offended, she turned it into a joke calling him a bad boy, as though this was the least bit cute.  This was not a case of boys will be boys, but a case of straight White male privilege run amok.

One of things that disturbed me the most is that he began his little foray by talking about his bi-racial daughter.  What kind of father says shit like this? Does he realise that the same attitude that he is displaying today will one day come to hurt his own child?  She may be a child now, but in years to come with a father like this, is there any possibility that she will be able to find worth in more than sucking a dick to gain acceptance?

I am sick to death of this kind of hate speech masquerading as complimentary.  What a woman chooses to do in the bedroom should never be considered her true value. I am sick of the “othering” that far too many White men engage in to justify either being in a relationship with a WOC or finding one sexually attractive. It may not normally be as blatant as Kelly’s screed but men like Matthew Mcconaughey stinky, have long excelled at saying absolutely racist shit in a so-called attempt to be complimentary, while passing it off with a wax smile and dimples.  It’s like they feel they have to justify sinking so damn low. As far as I am concerned men like this can keep their special snowflake penis because a man who cannot see the whole value of a woman is not worthy to be the partner of a mongoose.

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