Flava Flav Award: Baby Wipes (Terrence Howard) You’ve Earned It


Now isn’t that a disgusting vision?  The first Flava Flav award went to the blog Crunk + Disorderly. There have been several candidates that I have considered since then, however the recent commentary by Baby Wipes AKA Terrence Howard has forced me to dust off this award and hand it out once again.

image Terrence you need to get on the bus with all of the other Black people we would like to rid ourselves of.  That TOOT TOOT TOOT is the horn blowing just for you.

In an interview with The  Washington Times, baby wipes is quoted as saying:

“Political dogma stifles intellectual growth.  I don’t think President Obama has been that revolutionary in reaching out to ethnic communities. President Reagan did a lot for the black community that people don’t realize.”

His commentary goes beyond a Negro please and is squarely in the territory of idiocy masquerading as thoughtful speech. Intellectual needs to be stricken from his vocabulary.  In what world did Reagan do a lot for Black people?  In what world did he do a damn thing for a single marginalized body? Dear God Terrence, pick up a history book before you start to speak. 

Who the hell do you think the so-called war on Drugs and mandatory minimums are targeted at?  You know all those who are dying of AIDS today, (yep Blacks get AIDS) imagine what would have happened had Reagan actually taken action.  Or how about his position regarding States Rights (read: white supremacy). Go right on ahead and be the good house negro if you want to, however please make sure that you clarify your position before allowing such mendacious thought to pass as the ramblings of a thinking Black man. You cannot claim to want to fight racism and support a man like Reagan.

Just about every damn time you open your mouth, you spew some form of ridiculousness that makes me wonder how you manage to function.  From your baby wipes commentary (cause all the wimminez are dirty), to justifying beating your then wife cause she hurt your wittle fee fees, you are a walking this is a brain on stupidity ad.  Pretend that you are a VISA commercial Terrence; silence is priceless. For all of the ISH that you have bestowed upon the world it is my pleasure to give you the Flava Flav award…yeah boyie how is that for the well deserved smack that you have earned?

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