Financial Crises: Why Is It All About The Middle Class

I have a new article up at Global Comment, thanks Natalia.  As always I will get you started and you can finish reading it there.

I have been following the American election keenly and what has most drawn my attention is what has not been said.

Obama and McCain are clearly pandering to the middle class in their election bids, which is based on the assumption that the largest percentage of the population fits within that class designation. While the middle class constitutes the largest voting bloc, this targeted approach ignores the working and underclass.

The working and underclass are invisible bodies in a society that bases value on the ability to consume. If wealth equals power, both groups make up the most economically marginalized group in American society.

This is evidenced by the fact that neither candidate deems it important to address any of their specific needs.

There has been little to no mention about job training, subsidized housing, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation, subsidized daycare, or access to food. These are issues that are extremely important to those living on the margins.

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