Feministing And Sexism

I hate to do it, really I do, but if we really believe that sexism is wrong, then we need to point it out no matter who is doing it.


I went over to read the comments at Feministing after the debate and I was greeted with this image. It was created by Ann.  Feministing is excellent when it comes to pointing out sexism against women; however making an image like this and posting it on a site that is so influential sends the message that feminists are okay with a double standard.

If this same thing had been done to Palin or in fact any woman, the feministing ladies would be throwing vitriol. If it is not okay to sexualize a woman in this way then it is simply unacceptable to do this to a man.

Feminism is not about creating two different sets of rules.  If we believe that women deserve to be treated with respect and as equal beings, then we as feminists need to refrain from performing the same sort of sexist behaviour that we regularly accuse men of.

I simply cannot imagine what was going through her mind when she decided to post this. It is not ironic, it is not amusing, it is simply put sexist.  If we can agree that sexism needs to end, then we should all commit to making sure that we are not practicing it ourselves.  I am disappointed feministing…..you are capable of better.

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