Fat Girls Belong on The Pole Too

I saw this video of LuLu trying out for America’s Got Talent and it appealed to me instantly.  LuLu is a dancer and from the moment she walked on stage in her two piece out fit the audience was shocked.

I am sure the shock came from the fact that fat women are told to cover our bodies at all times.  With the summer approaching we are told that we don’t belong in bathing suits, let alone a bikini.  Fat women are also constructed as repulsive and therefore not sexual. When LuLu walked on stage she challenged all of those assumptions. She dared to be sexual, she dared to reveal her body and showed absolutely no shame.

Sharon Osborne was the first to hit her buzzer followed very quickly by Howard Stern.  Howie Mandel said there were times he didn’t think that she would make it up the pole. What is unfortunate is what really got the audience going was Nick getting on the pole which to me read like a mockery of everything that LuLu had done. Howard was inspired to put a dollar down Nick’s pants and he handed LuLu a dollar as well.

I think that what she did took incredible guts considering the pervasive nature of fat shaming.  She dared to sexual, and revealing on a very large stage. Her confidence is inspiring and though she wasn’t selected to move further, she absolutely made my day. Fat women not only have the right to take up space, we have the right to be sexual, I only wish that didn’t turn what she did into a cheap joke.

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