Family: Black Lesbians Hit The Big Screen

Black women are largely invisible in the media.  What makes the Family unique, is that it concentrates on the lives of six same gender loving women.  Black lesbians must deal with lesbophobia, racism, and sexism in order to negotiate our social world and therefore they face a set of unique social circumstances.  The women in question find that they can no longer deal with life in the closet and make a pact to come out to their families and friends within the next thirty days, as you can imagine this decision is filled with emotion and social discipline.

Clips like the above, make me sorry that I live in a small town.  I am very interested in seeing this film.  Black lesbians are marginalized by both the GLBTQI community and the African American community and therefore their voices are seldom heard from in the MSM.  Women like Audre Lorde, have graced us with their passion and intelligence, yet we continually fail to recognize their human rights and the sheer wealth that they add to our society. 

If you have seen this movie please let me know if it lived up to its trailer.  The intensity of the above clip gave me hope that finally Black lesbians will be centered and their struggle honoured.

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