You ever read a blog that just pisses you right the hell off, and you wonder why the hell you keep reading it?  I believe that the only way to learn is to listen to voices that have a different experience from you, but sometimes lunacy is just plain and simple lunacy.  Over at the Root there is a blogger named Jimi Izrael, and recently he wrote about the case of a young man serving five years in prison after being lured into sex with an underage girl.  This underage “lolita” created a myspace page where she advertised herself as a 19 year old divorced woman, for the purposes of engaging in sex with older men.  22 year old Morris Williams reportedly got together with her a few times before engaging in sex. Apparently he is not the first man to be convicted for having sex with her.

Let me start out by saying that deception is wrong. Read that last sentence over again woman hating trolls before you comment. For Morris this is a case of a burned booty call.  How is it possible to engage in conversation with a child, and not be able to tell that they are child? At some point the immaturity of the person that you are speaking to will make itself evident. As Maya Angelou is famous for saying, “people always show you who they are”.  I understand that the blood draining from your brain to your penis is a huge distraction, however if you were not so busy thinking about her tits and your two thrust and shiver routine, perhaps you might have noticed that something was a little off.

The media of course is loving this, and is busy painting this 13 year old child as a wanton sex vixen.  We are expected to mourn for these two men who were helpless in the face of all of this free pussy.  We cannot possibly expect a man to decline sex, or question the age of his partner when there is a chance for a booty call. What self respecting man stops to question before getting his rocks off, one has got to have priorities.  The media is so busy painting this child as a temptress, that no one has questioned what may have caused this behavior in the first place.  This is clearly a call for help on her part, and no one is listening. Why haven’t child protection services gotten involved? Oh I forgot she is doing what comes natural, because all black women are licentious, deceptive whores anyway.


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