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Have you ever come across a news story that you just had to share?  Have you ever seen a news story that just made you giddy all the way to your toes?  Well as must of you know, I believe I have a special relationship with chocolate.  It is the one food item that just about makes my eyes roll to the back of my head.  It is even possible to lose track of time.  Trust me on this one. A few days ago I decided to sit on the couch and have three or four pieces of chocolate.  Well, the chocolate put me into such a stage of bliss that I when I finally came to, I realized that I had missed the person who had walked by and eaten the last of the box on me.

 Sorry I got caught up in a flashback of bliss.  Well can you imagine my glee, when I came across a story about the world’s largest chocolate bar.  It weighs a total of 9,702 pounds. “The 224-inch by 110-inch by 10-inch bar was certified the largest on record by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records”. Are you starting to feel the bliss yet?  Check below the fold at your own risk.



you’re welcome :)

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