Elderly Woman Slammed To The Ground By The Cops

The woman in question is in her eighties and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  She was walking around a Walmart parking lot with a steak knife in her hand threatening to cut people; however, the officer barely tried to negotiate a non violent conclusion to this incident.  At the rate at which this woman was moving, it was clear that she was not an immediate threat and therefore more time could have been taken to diffuse the situation.

Below is the official New Story:

Of course the police are not admitting that they used unnecessary force…hell no, “it only looks bad”.  When are these thugs going to be held accountable for terrorizing the citizens that they are supposed to protect?  One can be certain that the victims age, race, and gender, played a major role in the way that she was treated.  Who is going to speak for the powerless in our society?  When a woman in her eighties can be slammed to the ground and require stitches, clearly this is power run amok.  The police have simply become far to comfortable beating on oppressed bodies because they know that the consequences for their actions are minor.  If they can behave this way when they know they are being filmed, just imagine the horrors that happen on a daily basis away from the camera’s all seeing lens.

H/T From My Brown Eyed View

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