The Egging Of Justin Bieber

As a Canadian, I know that we owe the world an apology for unleashing Bieber on a helpless world.  I think that it is perfectly understandable that citizens of the world should attempt to reject this new form of Canadian invasion.


Pop star Justin Bieber has come under attack from flying eggs.  The teen superstar was performing at Sydney’s Astro arena last night when six of them came out of nowhere. You can see two eggs fall first and then another fall. Thousands of die hard screaming fans were apparently not enough to deter the egg thrower and help clean up the mess before the show went on.

 According to E Online, the alleged perpetrator has been arrested and his identity has not been released to the press. He has been released on bail and will appear in children’s court on June 2.  I really do hope that they go easy on him because who among us has never wanted to throw an egg at Beiber?

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