The Ebony Power 150

Ebony recently published its list of the most powerful 150 African Americans. When I first saw this list, I was delighted that blacks were getting the recognition that we so seldom receive. Ebony has been publishing this list since 1963. I am sure like everyone else, I glanced down the list looking for names that I recognized, and people I thought had been neglected. Slowly but surely it began to dawn on me, that there was a disparity between men and women. In fact the ratio between men and women is extreme.

Arts Entertainment and Media: 13 women 18 men
41.9% women 58.05% men

Business: 9 women 25 men
26.4% women 73.5% men

Education: 2 women 8 men
20% women 80% men

Religion: 1 woman 14 men
.06% women 93.3% men

Politics & Law: 16 women 44 men
26.6% women 73.3% men

Military: 0 women 2 men
0% women 100% men

Public Service: 2 women 6 men
25% women 75% men

The only category that comes close to 50% is Arts and Entertainment. In every other category men dominate the list. Are women simply not participating in the other fields, or have we been purposefully ignored?

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