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Hello everyone, sorry that I am posting this so late in the day.  The last week has been very rough for me as I am not feeling very well and this is why the postings has been so light lately.  As per usual, you will find a list of posts that I found interesting reading this week.  Please show these bloggers some love and check them out.  When you are done, don’t forget to drop it like it’s hot and leave your link in the comment section.

So what if half of Europe is fat?
AIDS Awareness Month: A Plea for Personal Responsibility Over Blaming Bi-Sexual Men
Exotic Beauties vs. Regular Black Girls
Why Barack Won’t Get Angry
Exemption from criticism not one of the five freedoms
Asking for it? As If!
Paper Shines Bright Light Into India’s Brothels
No Authority but Oneself:  The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom
Microaggressions in Everyday Life
Elitism On A Food Stamp Budget?

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