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This week is March Break for my angels and so this means that the posting will probably be light.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up beforehand. Also don’t forget to move your clock ahead one hour tomorrow.  Spring – I just can’t wait.

Hey everyone, thanks for another great week of conversation.  I think that there were some really great conversations that challenged a lot of what has become normal discourse.  Please remember, we cannot always agree but it is important that we stay respectful and committed to listening to each other. Talking at each other, rather than to each other, get us nowhere.

I am still looking for new contributors.  Though I can write about a myriad of things, we all learn best from the people directly negotiating a particular ism.  I am particularly looking for someone to discuss fatphobia and class critically but I am very open to other ideas. Please be aware that womanist musings also has an open guest posting policy, so please feel free to submit a piece or a cross post from your blog.  You can reach me at womanistmusings (at) gmail (dot) com

Below you will find a list of posts that I found interesting this week.  Please be aware that a link does not necessarily mean an endorsement of the article, just simply that I found something about the piece interesting.  Please be aware that I don’t read the comment sections so read those at your own risk.  Well start spreading the love, and when you’re done, don’t forget to drop it like it’s hot and leave your link behind in the comment section when you are done.

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women
Were Rush’s Slurs Against Black America Not Cancellation Worthy?
Team Katniss Fashion (Yes, I am a total Hunger Games geek)
Thoughts on Being “Othered”.
Things I’m Expected To Do for Cis People in Return for Their Not Hating Me: An Angry List
IN DISCUSSION: racism directed towards someone else expressed to you
I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it
Not Okay (Sexism in Gaming/Nerd Culture)
Rihanna: From Ultimate “Niggerbitch” to Ultimate Ignoramus in One Racist Tweet
Can’t Have It Both Ways
Our Black Women Icons 
Muslim Women Take Back the Mic on International Women’s Day
Expanding Black Masculinity to End “Black on Black” Anti-LGBT Violence
Food Systems: Not Globally Universal!
Segregation begins at home
On [email protected] by Janet W Hardy
Artist on Anti-Woman Attacks: ‘Politicians Off My Poontang!’
Male superheroes, drawn like female ones
Think Before You Retweet: Reflections on Kony 2012 & the Power of Social Media
Hollywood star Colin Farrell Stands Up!
Sex, Politics, and the Single Latina
Watch: Dr. Boyce Watkins & Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Discuss Accountability in Hip Hop, Who’s At Fault?
Introducing Prodigyrls: Real Black Dolls, For Real Black Girls
The Dangers Of An Educated Black Man
Double Rainbow: Autism and Race
The Alamo Heights Basketball “U-S-A” Chant: So, Patriotism is the New Racism in San Antonio?
Oh ANTM, Where Do I Even Start?: Mariah Watchman And The Pocahontas Controversy
Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy: Can White Advocates Give Black Moms Our Breastfeeding Victory?
Very Smart Brothas’ Fauxpology, Too $hort’s “Advice,” And Muffling About Intraracial Sexual Violence
Cover Snark: She Must Be Freezing

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